BOARD OF EDUCATION (Frederick, Maryland) Lifelong public servant and community organizer. I'm thrilled to run for a seat on the Board of Education. I'm here to advocate for students, parents, and teachers. My aim is to support BOE with (1) curricula, (2) stronger support for teachers, (3) and school choice.

About Rayna

A resident of West Frederick, Rayna Remondini is an educator, community organizer, certified Tinkergarten instructor, and Head of School at HCHC Leadership Academy, a nature-based school that encourages child-led learning; nurturing the potential of young people in grades K thru 10th.

She graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Foreign Language. She currently is seeking her Masters in Business Administration at Fayettsville State University.


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She's a strong advocate for parent's rights

“As a homeschooler running for a seat on the board, many may think I don’t have a dog in the fight. I beg to differ. After both the Montgomery and Howard County school systems failed my 3 eldest children, I chose to take matters into my own hands. Since 2013, I have committed and dedicated myself to the academic success and overall well-being of my own children and those within my community. 

I employ teachers who’ve left the system due to low wages, crowded classrooms, and bureaucracy. My hat’s very much in the ring. And with your vote, I’d like an opportunity to make a difference here in Frederick County.” – Rayna

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What I Will Fight For


The Department of Justice found that FCPS pervasively misused seclusion and restraint against students with disabilities. What changes have been made since?


The phrase "What gets tested, gets taught" is alive and well in FCPS. Remove social justice and emotional lessons from the core, curriculum subjects. Show more transparency.


Governor Wes Moore has slashed funding for the BOOST program and intends to phase out the program. This is a step in the wrong direction. Vouchers help support our students.


Salary increases that keep up with inflation are more likely to keep teachers in the classroom. Why should FCPS teachers earn $10-20K less than Montgomery Co. teachers?


Lack of certified applicants and a limited number of college graduates wanting to enter into the teaching field. Let's attempt to restore the respect due this noble profession.


School Choice is a rationale option for parents who wish to take their children and tax dollars elsewhere. Private schools, parochial schools, homeschooling can be exit ramps.


Experienced, Honest & Successful

Remondini wishes to focus on several key areas including (1) putting a greater emphasis on STEAM subjects, and less time spent on social justice and emotional lessons, which should be left to parents, (2) standing up for a living wage, keeping in step with inflation, for Frederick County teachers, (3) and advocating for school choice and voucher programs.

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What People Are Saying

"Rayna Remondini stands out in this crowd. Well-informed and articulate, she sets the standard to which other candidates should aspire, and has the drive and temperament needed to navigate the board’s tricky politics and get things done.."
Tom Neumark
President of Frederick Classical Charter